The rising and the setting of the sun

Joan writes:

How lovely has the last month (on balance) been?

September is my joint favourite month (the other is May). Daylight hours are still long enough to ‘get stuff done’, a wee bit of heat in the sun and if the temperatures drop enough and the rain remembers to turn itself off when it does come on, we reap the benefit of an Indian Summer. And I consider we have been basking in such Indian delights.

Yes, there are lots of Autumnal inspired chores to be dealt with but I quite enjoy this. In particular, the raking and lifting of the falling leaves and they are a great ingredient for the compost heap or cages for the curing of leaf mould.

I’ve not got much to show by way of vegetable harvest, but quite impressed by my solitary pumpkin. Will it make the pot, be stuffed with a candle, or better still, both?

My Autumn harvest

This afternoon’s forecast for pretty much the whole of Scotland is rain. With this in mind, yesterday evening was very productive in the garden. I had a quick lifting of leaves (I don’t like lifting soggy leaves!), the lawn was given a tidy up (I’ve worked my way steadily up the settings during the last 6 weeks) and begonias were lifted to dry frost-free. The last job of the night was locking up the hens and I was rewarded with the most beautiful setting of the sun over Arran.

We had such a stunning sunrise yesterday morning that I had taken a few snaps of that also. From my vantage point, as I turned to look westwards, Arran was submerged in a sea of mist with Goat Fell and the other higher points basking like a huge shark contentedly.

I leave you now with a sweep of yesterday’s images from my wee house on the hill. An Indian Summer sunrise and sunset with a few others. I hope they cheer up a dreach Saturday afternoon.

Acer shrubs are among some of the best to take on Autumnal leaf colour change
A flock of sheep watching the (late to bed) moon dip down behind Arran (photo courtesy of Jane Whiteford)
Arran floating in the sea of morning mist
Sun setting over Arran – with a rather jazzy Vegas Strip like beam to the right
Sunset 1 hour later – bit grainy, but gorgeous !

Happy Gardening. Joan

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