Time stands still for no man

Joan writes:

Summer is drawing closer to its end. But! What a glorious 9 days we have enjoyed here in very sunny Ayrshire.

Other than watering plants, cutting sweet peas and pulling courgettes, my garden activity has been very relaxing. Until yesterday that was, as I surveyed the scene of weedy growth that had sneaked up in my new border.

well. It was the perfect afternoon for the job that had presented itself. Warm enough to be outdoors for any length of time, and cool enough to be productive. The soil was fine and dry which made loosening the pernicious perennial weeds’ tap and rhizome (spreading) type roots entirely, in an attempt to pull the complete root out, was made so much easier.

Even leaving a tiny piece of these root types means that the blighter will lurk around and show its dear little leaves at some point. For more detail on dealing with these dastardly darlings, take a look at https://www.gardenersworld.com/plants/removing-perennial-weeds/

Make shift pad compulsory for ageing knees

But for every weed that has thrived, a plant has done likewise.

Late summer flowering favourites

As we head into the latter half of August, signs of Autumn are starting to show. I am hopeful however, that we will get an Indian Summer and we will witness wonderful autumnal hues on our shrubbery and trees.

Drizzly today. Bright side? No watering required this evening!

Happy Gardening! Joan

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