Out with the old, and in with the new

or maybe today, the other way around!

Joan writes: We have a little field that we have taken ‘haylage’ (a cross between traditional dried hay and fresh cut grass) from today. I’m so pleased because we are at the mercy of the neighbouring farmer to do this for us (and at this time of the year, friendly farmers are busy enough with their own time pressured tasks without faffing with a fiddly little field) so for this to have been cut, shaken out to dry a little in the sun and wind AND get baled up BEFORE Scottish Summer weather returns, is WONDERFUL! So excited to see this job done and dusted that I have to share this with you!

It’s a wrap!

As this duo of 21st century tractor moved onto their next contracting task, a hitch of 19th century tractor was quite literally winding itself up for a vintage tractor road run.

The local village has a posse of people who have a fabulous collection of vintage tractor. My Dad is the keeper of the oldest in the hitch – an Oliver 80 which was built in 1940 and has been in his family for the duration of its working and retirement years.

After the state of the art John Deere’s left the field, 15 old timers trundled up the drive and took their place. They chose to park up allowing their drivers to enjoy a cup of tea after having been shaken and shoogled on non-suspensioned wheels for the previous hour and a half!

Dad’s 1940 Oliver 80

The day is now getting dark and there are raindrops on the windowpanes. But my haylage is wrapped in its waterproof jacket and the OAPs (reference to the tractors, not the drivers) are all home and tucked up too.

No gardening, but a very successful day all the same.

Happy Gardening this week! Joan

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