The rough with the smooth

Joan writes: Midsummer has been and gone, but thankfully I’ve not heard the dreaded ‘the nights are fair drawing in’ uttered yet!

However, daylight does seem to have waned and the weather appears to have taken a semi-permanent turn for the worse with heavy rainfall and winds being most prevalent here in not quite so sunny Ayrshire.

And my tech troubles (that are never far away!) seemed to have followed suit also! I did have some fab photos of a beautiful beech hedge being trimmed into shape to share but my computer brain compounded by cyber cruelty, or perhaps just my lack of internet intelligence, has overruled any such offering.

So, what to share with you? The weather is always a sure fire conversation piece so let’s stick with that.

The wind has wrecked havoc in my neighbouring woodland with a rather large limb having been battered and ripped in half, landing with a fair thump to the ground. As witnessed by my neighbour. Close shave indeed. Always a silver lining and Tom has already made short shift of the smaller branches and logged them for winter firewood.

And steady rainfall has kept my ‘vegetable plot’ well watered on by behalf. The heavens like me even if the world of technology does not!

Growing vegetables in crates in theory can work, if I put into practice what needs to be done. Such as thinning out. I think I skipped that instruction somewhere along the line. Micro veg are so ‘in’ are they not?

Micro veg a few weeks ago…….

Two weeks of regular watering and little tlc from myself……

Courgettes coming on a treat.

I do hope that your garden is growing well and that recent easing of restrictions is allowing you to make even more use of outdoor spaces – weather permitting. Gazebo sales must be sky high at the moment!

I started off with the rough, but will leave with the smooth. My chooks appear to be doing fine continuing to deliver their smooth shelled, bright orange yolked delicacy daily.

A smoother ending

Happy Gardening! Joan

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