The shop is open again!

Joan writes: Wehey! My most favourite shop is open. The recommended distancing guidelines and disinfecting stations were in place, but there was enough space all around to browse at my leisure and the queue wasn’t so bad. Yes, my local garden centre has opened for business again!

Whilst it was a pleasure for me to mozy around, what a relief it must be for the many nursery growers and garden centre owners up and down the country who can open for business and try to redeem SOME lost sales from what usually should have been their biggest sales period of the year.

What a joy to wander amongst rows of perfume, colours and textures – it’s designer haute couture to me!

The view that welcomed me on my arrival

I’m not really a ‘pretty gardener’ – I feel more drawn to interesting foliage shapes and texture such as the Cercis canadensis Forest Pansy. However, I found myself drawn to the most striking of scented pelargoniums – not enough to part with cash for it, but enough to take its photograph!

However, my purse did not remain in lockdown. The lure of a Cornus kousa Milky Way was too much for me – my Lockdown Luxury I will call it!

The ‘Milky Way’ to the fore with the stunning pure white bracts of a
Cornus contraversa Venus in the background

It’s a beautiful night here in sunny Ayrshire – I’m off out to look at the Milky Way.

Happy Gardening ! Joan


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