The May is oot!

What a delightful draw to the weekend’s end! The tide has turned on two days of drizzle (with a downpour or two in between) and we have the most glorious evening.

In an effort to get a few more steps in on an otherwise lazy weekend, I headed out with my keen four-legged companion. This morning’s walk had been a bit of a washout with nothing much to mention but this evening was worth the putting on of the wellies. I can now report the buds of the hawthorn hedge that have been keeking most shy-like for the past week have now flowered.

Ne’er cast a cloot till the May is oot. And it is oot. Here anyway. Folklore tells me that the chance of frost has now passed and I can afford to be more blase with my bedding and more tender vegetables.

May Flower

And the Countryfile forecast for the week ahead was favourable – but a word of caution, it’s not quite ‘taps aff’ temperatures yet!

Happy Gardening! Joan

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