Bingo anyone?

Jo writes:

After dabbling with sound maps in my last post, it reminded me of another activity involving the senses.  This can be adapted for a local greenspace, your own garden or from a window for people who are shielding.

I’m talking bingo! Not the numbers kind but NATURE’s bingo.  There are lots of takes on this so here are just a few ways to do this:

Nature’s Bingo
  1. Download a colour bingo chart and note what you see
  2. Grab an egg carton or card with double-sided tape on it and collect items of different colours or textures (e.g. spiky, fluffy, rough etc).  Please only take from the ground or if the item is there in abundance if in a public space
  3. Download one of the many spotter sheets from The Wildlife Trusts website and tick what you find. 

This is another lovely activity that can be used in so many ways, awakening the senses. If sharing this in your gardening group for people to do on their own why not ask them to share the images of what they gather?– it’s a lovely way to engage with everyone and share some beautiful images of nature.

Doing this activity, should make you as happy as two little ducks in a pond!

Happy Gardening!



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