Rain, rain, …..

Joan writes: A few posts back, I did moan a little about the lack of moisture to kick start my newly seeded lawn area. I have had my wish, thank you, and here is up to date evidence of progress. A bit patchy, but I am confident it will come good in time.

As slow as watching grass grow

There is always the worry that when the rain does start it can forget to go off again. But we have enjoyed a gorgeous dry and warm day here in sunny Ayrshire. A walk in the cooler woodland was calling.

As I wandered, I was thinking about how long our lock down restrictions would continue and mused again about how fortunate my family is to be living so close by to open natural spaces that we can walk relatively undisturbed and unnoticed in.

I thought of the less fortunate folks who might be desperately counting the days until they can enjoy a woodland walk again so I began capturing my walk on camera to share. If you would like to see some dappled setting sun through beech trees and hear some chattering birds and a little underfoot scrunching, have a look!


I’m off now to check on my grass. Again.

Happy Gardening! Joan


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