If you go down to the woods today……

Joan writes: …… you might be surprised at what you see …. and hear!

The wonderful calm weather stays with us. No excuses for not making the most of our outdoor spaces if you are able to do so whilst adhering to current social distancing guidelines.

Wading in the water

We (the dogs and I) went our daily wander and whilst every walk is grand, today’s threw in a couple of surprises.

First was the birdsong. The birds’ chatter was as clear as crystal and I ‘taped’ it to share with you.


Whilst the birdsong wasn’t overly unanticipated given the time of year, my next chance upon was a huge but pleasant surprise. It would appear that a frollick of fairies have flitted into the area.

How nice is that?! Has there been any unusual activity in your outdoor spaces of late?

Fairy flits were not the only flitting taking place. Given last night’s frosty forecast, I carried all of my vegetable seedlings indoors, only to have to flit them back out this morning. But all are well, which is the main thing. On closer inspection, I think it is time that the broccoli, beetroot and runner beans are given a wee bit more growing room. Their nursery days are numbered.

Happy Gardening! Joan

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