Thorns mean only one thing

Plasters to help ‘draw out’ the skelfs

Joan writes: This row of fir trees was planted as knee high whips, 10 years ago. Time has been kind to them and they have (mostly) grown into fine specimens. However, they have done so well (most with branches now intertwining), it was time that every other one, (or less ‘doing so well’ one) was taken down, logged and stored for firewood – probably used during Winter 2022.

The hawthorn hedge behind it had been sorely neglected also. Taking into consideration it is bird nesting season, we carefully did a wee bit of remedial pruning, and thankfully, no fresh nests were discovered in doing so. But those hawthorns!!! Jaggy wee blighters!

The appearance of the tree line is far improved, now with a sentry like appearance. The cows in the field can feel like royalty!

My good few hours spent outdoors with the sun on my back, with birds flitting to and fro was well worth the skelf or two.

Happy Gardening! Joan

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