The heat has gone to my head

Joan writes: We have made it into May without a rainfall to mention, rising temperature and hours of sunlight to dazzle.

It was time then for me to be getting on with making my summer hanging basket to welcome the postie with. Luckily, I was able to secure a delivery of summer pot bedding plants along with a delivery of compost (yes, my ‘yard’ is taking a garden-like shape now) and I was re-using last year’s basket, so I was good to go.

Have a look at our Trellis Factsheet for detail on how to make your own moss hanging basket.

Word of warning though! Don’t let this warm weather fool you. Forecast is not so cosy for this weekend. My freshly flower filled basket will be kept frost free for the foreseeable. Ne’er cast a cloot till the May is oot. Which reminds me of my next job to be getting on with.

An over grown hawthorn hedge.

Happy Gardening! Joan

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