Letting the light in

Joan writes: My neighbour asked me what could be done with a healthy, but overgrown cotoneaster shrub that was taking over a fair chunk of space in her garden. We can be creative and describe said ‘problem’ as weed control as there was not a blink of light getting through that contortion of dense evergreen. And on closer inspection, there was not a weed to be seen. Cotoneaster does make for good ground cover if anyone is looking for a recommendation!

Evergreen shrubs as a general rule, have their annual prune (if required) during late Winter through to early Springtime.

A bit late in the day to be calling this weekend early Springtime, but this plant wasn’t being given a short, back and sides. It was getting a No.1 all over.

What a difference it has made to this area of garden. The space has opened up and new growth will shoot away where quite severe pruning cuts have been made further down the main stems. My plan (and I hope that the plant heard me explain this to my neighbour) is to allow shoots to develop lower down the shrub and next year (note to self – closer to early Springtime) I will take some of the height off. My neighbour and I agreed that it would have been too stark to have stripped the plant fully in one fell swoop. What a satisfying task.

I rewarded myself with a wander around the front garden where there has been so much growth in the past two weeks. The peony rose and spurge are already benefiting from their trusty supports. The peony’s buds are fit to burst and the spurge’s brilliant orange is well, brilliant!

My self-isolated wander around her garden was so peaceful and relaxing as I took the time to stop and just look. I’m sharing a few snaps of what else is coming to life just now.

Perhaps I enjoyed my sedentary stroll even more after my efforts taking on the Cotoneaster! Have you had a busy weekend in the garden?

Forecast is wonderfully dry for the week ahead, with temperatures eeking upwards. I sowed grass seed last weekend and no, I’m not asking for rain! Just a gentle smir every other night would be helpful….. Trust me to choose to sow a new lawn during the driest April on record!

Happy Gardening – all week! Joan

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