It’s raining here too!

Joan writes: All good things must come to an end (temporarily I am sure!) and my recent ‘hanging the washing outdoors and forgetting about it’ pleasure was cut short today.

Earlier, I was so engrossed in a spot of seed sorting that I never noticed the rain come on. It was a mad rush outdoors to ‘get the washing in’ and gee whizz, not only was it dreachly drizzly, it was rather chilly too!! I’m now thinking I should be bringing in my seedlings that were weaned out of the ‘growing hut’ at the weekend.

Whilst picking up the pegs that had pinged when grabbing at the clothes on the line, I came eye level with a display of daffs. As I mentioned in a previous post, I have fallen heir to bulbs over the past few months, many unlabelled, but all a delight non the less when they show their true selves.

Lemon bonbon daffodils
One stem + 3 florets= Impressive

Now, I am no expert on daffodils at all but in my opinion these Joan named ‘Narcissi Lemon Bonbon’ are a notch above my regular trumpet type I have growing at my hedgerow. This encounter reminded me of the fascinating insight into the world of daffodil enthusiasts I enjoyed watching courtesy of Gardener’s World, earlier in the month. Meticulously manicured greenery and petal puffing up at its very best! For the finer facts of Narcissi nurturing and naming, take a look about 17 minutes in at

Och well. Damp clothes but a delightful few moments with daffodils.

And as for the seed sorting exercise, if you are seeking vegetable seeds, visit the Trellis Facebook page as we have a recent post on seed sharing. You are welcome to use the platform to share any you may have spare also.

Happy Gardening! Joan

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