A Garden Fairy Visit

Joan writes: Many plant lovers choose an Acer shrub for its autumnal colour and quite rightly so. As much as I enjoy their fiery hues that alert us to cooler nights drawing in, I am more captivated by their magical spring colours ranging from pistachio to peach that then turn their true summer tones.

I was lucky enough to work on a plant nursery for several years which not only introduced me to a vast range of shrubs but also presented the opportunity to watch them develop at close quarters.

This purple dissected leaf Acer that I have growing in a planter always caught my attention. As the new lacy leaf growth unfurled on skinny malinky stems, the expected crimson tone appeared as if it had been dipped in garden ‘silver leaf’ and fairy dust. Within days, the leaves were solid garnet. I always felt privileged to be privy to short lived moments like this.

Five days ago, this Acer was bare stems. Last night the garden fairy must have visited with her silver leaf and dust.

Silver Leaf and Fairy Dust

Happy Gardening! Joan

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