‘It’s Good to Talk’

Joan writes:

A silver lining to the current crisis we find ourselves in is the art of communication has enjoyed a revival. By communication I mean ‘real talking’. Granted technology plays a big part in it with zoom rooms, whatsapp chat, and others, but as Beattie used to say, ‘It’s good to talk’.

Through live, real-time conversation, I learned that a local farmer was needing help in re-homing a pile of topsoil to enable him to progress with a seasonal farm task. I became the proud owner of said soil which gave us a perfect lockdown pastime: socially distanced raking.

Day off from wheelbarrowing
Socially distanced raking
Border soil in situ

This area (one day) will home a border of shrubs and a lawn (ok, bed of moss). I now wait with anticipation for a delivery of shrubs when the plant nursery is able to do so.

A little leftover soil (I had to use the wheelbarrow) went to patching in an area of the driveway verge. A cast of grass seed topped off by a wee drink of water completed the task.

Grass seed patching

‘It’s good to talk’. And garden. Happy Gardening to you. Joan

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