To Tendril, or not

Joan writes: It will be 3 weeks ago that I eventually experimented on my conundrum of whether dried peas from a soup packet would perform as well as peas from a recognised garden seed supplier packet. The following video clip details my ‘experiment’.

Sowing Dried Peas
And first past the germination post is…….. the Broth Mix Pea !

There we have it. First to germinate was the Broth Mix pea and they continued to sprout forth for the next few days and then the ‘proper’ pea shoot peas started to catch up.

I now have a tendril teaser. The Broth Mix peas have loads of little tendrils yet the Pea Shoots Proper (in the grape box at the rear of the image) appear to be very shy of them.

Perhaps early days yet but anyone got any other suggestions as to why?

Happy Gardening! Joan

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