Dynamic daffodils!


The wee neglected corner in my shed showed me its true colours this morning. Resilience at its best.

Which reminded me of the daffodil bulbs that I planted very late in the season and how well they too have done.

And there is further neglect I must admit to. Indoor flowering Paperwhite Narcissi are traditionally planted during late Autumn/early Winter, rewarding with a flowering (and highly scented) display over the festive period and into the dreacher month of January.

During my first of many lockdown tidyups, I discovered a bag of lost souls (ashamed to say, Paperwhite bulbs). With nothing to lose, I potted them up (29th March) and 2 weeks later, they have came up trumps! The stems are maybe 3-4 cm shorter compared to the ones I grew into January, but their display, and perfume, are every bit as glorious.

Power to the Paperwhites

Despite myself, the daffodils here have proven victorious. What’s done well undeterred by you? Happy Gardening! Joan

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