Let there be more

Joan writes: First new neighbours, and then new life in my ‘growing hut’ today. The sweet peas that I sowed over a week ago, have germinated. Just. Decent eyesight, or spectacles will pick out the little green shoots in the up-cycled juice bottle.

Buoyed by this success, the fact that the sun was bringing the hut up to the perfect working temperature and I now had my old radio tuned in to pick up an age appropriate background playlist, I decided to crack on with more seed sowing. Broccoli, beetroot, celery and runner beans now join the pea shoots, carrots and potatoes. The family is growing.

I had sowed leaf salad and coriander several weeks ago and the seedlings were now big enough to handle. Several pots of cut and come again salad leaf should be much welcome fresh leaves in a few weeks. I learned of an initiative last week where folks are sowing seedlings and then sharing them with neighbours as an activity to engage in during the current restrictions – I certainly will be joining in with that.

Potting Station
Can you see the sweet pea ?

Country Watch has alerted me to the probability of a ground frost over the next couple of nights so the carrots and potatoes have been tucked in for the night with their fleece. And I’m now off to tuck in to a big lump of chocolate that has been talking to me all day…….. Happy Easter Monday Gardening when it comes around! Joan

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