It’s a bit cold for carrots

Joan writes: Keen to be getting on, or just to keep warm (Easter Friday is tomorrow and I hope the Easter Bunny has layered well with thermals), I’ve been sowing carrot seeds. I’m calling it an experiment (in case I don’t get a crop and that will be my excuse) and thought I’d share its timeline.

All set up

I’m sowing the seed into clear grape boxes. They have inbuilt drainage holes, along with a nifty transparent lid that can convert the grape box into a propagator. But best of all I can see through the window into the world of root development. I hope to be able to study (ok, I’ll only actually watch not study) the growth of the roots from a tiny thread into the first peachy shade of the shape taking carrot root. One lot should be rounder than the others as I have chosen a tapered Nantes 2 and the dinky rotund Paris Market 5.

‘Carrot in waiting’

Sieved seedling compost has been used in my grape boxes, which are now watered and labelled, and at the window gazing outdoors. I am assuming they are not the least bit jealous of their seed packet pals who I have sown directly into a lined (and pierced for drainage) crate, filled with sieved multi purpose compost and plonked outdoors. For my experiment remember.

Antiques Road Show worthy exhibit?!

I have a cat. She is lovely but she gives me cause for concern where there is accessible and fluffy compost available to her call of nature. Mesh has been placed over the crate to deter her, and fleece is to hand for any great drop in temperatures. Note to self: pay attention to the weather forecast. I have no doubt that carrot root fly will eventually suss us out, therefore the fleece will prove invaluable in the weeks to come also. An assumption that my crop will grow!

Cat, frost and flea protection

I hope to bring you evidence of developments over the coming weeks. Please share your gardening activity with us. In the meantime, keep warm, keep well, keep inside your own 4 (garden) walls. Happy Gardening! Joan

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