Joan writes: I’ve enjoyed an evening walk for many a year now (dog owner) but it’s only in the last week or so, that I have come to appreciate more of my surroundings. Just last month, there was always ‘something to be getting on with’ back at home, but in our current slowed down pace of life, my evening walk has taken on the demeanour of ‘going for a stroll’.

It’s great! I’ve returned from this evening’s walk with an armful of twigs. I’m hopeful that my peas and beans are going to need supports! I would ordinarily have trampled over them oblivious to the bounty at my boots. So proud of my prize for taking the time to stand and stare, I’ve taken a photo of them with my trough of daffodils and violas that are looking so cheery they look like they could burst too.

Bean and Pea supports

On the return leg of my stroll, I was giving more attention to the hedgerows and trees that were mostly bare, but showing the first signs of bud development. And there they were. More twigs. But this time, already been put to use by the handiwork of the woodland birds. I challenged myself to finding 3 nests before I got home. Photographic evidence for you!

If you are lucky enough to get out for your half hour’s exercise with trees and hedgerows nearby, try spotting a bird’s nest. In another few weeks, they will be hidden from sight by the lime hues of new green leaves. Now there’s something else that will be worth taking the time to enjoy on my evening dawdle! Happy gardening. Joan.

Nest 1
Nest 2
Nest 3

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