They’re Pots, Jim, but not as We Know Them

Fiona writes: A nice surprise from one of our large UK supermarket chains this week: herbs sold in thick brown paper ‘pots’. One black plastic pot saved from being manufactured and then discarded in landfill for every one sold, then, so good news. The paper pots are designed to be temporary and come printed with instructions on how to put the root ball into a cup and water it that way until you’ve used up the herb. Then the plant can be composted.

I ordered two pots of flat leaf parsley – one to divide into individual seedlings and transplant into the garden to provide a supply all season, and the other to use in the kitchen. Planting out the parsley involves teasing each single plant apart from the tangled root ball, and will inevitably lead to a bit of root damage. But with careful watering, most should survive and develop into a good sized plant. You can plant them direct into the ground or into containers. Let us know if you’re finding any creative ways to grow food – we’d love to hear from you. Happy gardening! Fiona.

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