Spring Clean Keep Fit

Joan writes: My parents are thankfully keeping well during this time but like most folks, are looking for distractions to repetitive TV.  I was dropping off their messages (at a socially acceptable distance) when I spotted the hose snaking around the corner.  On further investigation, I discovered Dad  at the other end getting the hose powered up to have a blast on the patio.  Not a party (they’re not allowed remember), but a good old spring clean!

Now, many would argue that being his sprightly junior, I should’ve instructed him indoors and attacked the algae myself.

However. Trellis has been supporting many Care Homes access gardening activity of late and have been connected with the Care Inspectorate’s CAPA (care about physical activity) programme.

My interpretation of part of the programme’s advice is ‘use it or lose it’.  I’m doing my Dad a good turn by allowing him to maintain an active lifestyle out in the fresh air!         Happy Gardening! Joan.

Having a Blast in the Garden


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